USAL Services

Universal Study Agency

USAL is currently working for universities and colleges in the USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, NETHERLAND, SOUTH KOREA, MALAYSIA, and MALTA. For the last 16 years, we have been working diligently to extend our admission services to the leading countries in Europe and Asia, which will open the land of opportunities for prospective students. There is a broad range of services that are being offered by us, which are given as follows: –


At USAL, we are intensively specialized in providing trained counseling support to legitimize students on their scholastic journey. Our enthusiastic team offers customized supervision, and coherent courses based on the pupil’s academic background and work experience and assists individuals in generating strong decisions about their academic and career paths. Professionals in this field help individuals diagnose relevant career paths based on their strengths and preferences. With a pledge to excellence, we endeavor to ensure that every student attains the foundation they require to achieve their goals.


Many times we get to see some praiseworthy pupils with exceptional academic records. They always look for an opportunity to study abroad with minimum/fully funded scholarships as they deserve to do so. We, the USAL team not only do consultation & course institution selection, but also we assist our students in applying for scholarships, with complete guidance on financial aid. The USAL team helps students with scholarship applications and educates the pupils on overall communication with the professors. Eventually, with our guidance, they become successful in achieving scholarships.


Selection of a suitable institution based on sustainable living expenses & tuition fees, and appropriate course choosing leads a pupil towards an expertise assessment by a savvy consultant team, and checking eligibility involves assessing whether a student can be mentally prepared or not for the payment of that respective institute’s tuition fees. Particularly, our savvy team can help a student complete this process very smoothly as they’re familiar with the requirements and overall profile-matching process.


Course selection implicates the overall inspection of the pupil’s academic records, and results, and upon inspection of academic background, the pupil should specifically select the course that will be parallel to his/her scholastic and employment records. Counselors provide information about different courses, curriculum structures, and potential career paths associated with each. Our USAL-trained consultant team is always here to make this course selection process flexible and faster for the students.


With the achievement of the study permit visa attached to the passport, the next process is pre-departure and post-arrival services which is one of the most concerning things for a student. USAL team helps that student with all kinds of preparation, for example, documents, clothing, and networking with the existing students of the same universities so that after reaching there, a student doesn’t need to face any hassle. The USAL team will ensure proper services from the time of departure till the arrival at the airport.


While we’re done with the accomplished succession of counseling, course, and institute selection part, the next part comprises preparing the disciple with paramount academic documents, travel, and employment testimonies. This is decisive information to complete the admission process in selected institutes/institutes. The USAL team leaves no effort behind to ensure a smooth admission process and attain acceptance from the institute.


One of the most important and highly sensitive parts is the study permit visa application process. In this process, a student must be conscious and careful to complete this process without any errors. Since we, the USAL team are here and they’re well-crafted with these kinds of processes, students can trust us and run this process with our fully furnished support.


Many students in Bangladesh have the prime aspiration to go abroad to fulfill their dream but due to the lack of financial stability, they fail to do so. However, the USAL team cannot let this happen, so to fulfill this aspiration, we are actively providing study abroad loan assistance. We have a skilled team for that purpose also, and pupils with less backup can easily rely on us as we’ve been doing this for the last 16 years.


Since we’ve been running this entire process for the last 16 years, we have a wide range of collaborative services to the institutions. Needless to say, we’re not done with just sending students abroad, we’re also committed to the time-to-time alertness of students on whether they’re attending their classes or not, their well-being, etc. Because of this collaboration, we’re very much alert and conscious about our students.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, a student with a legit study permit and all necessary information will face no hassle from the time of departure till reaching the airport. So, at the airport, a student will be able to complete his/her immigration process very smoothly on his/her own with complete guidance from the USAL.


Most of the students look for accommodation by the time they reach the airport temporarily. But the USAL ensures our students do not have to worry about the accommodation services as we have our existing students studying and before starting the journey we can inform our students to apply online for accommodation or also we can arrange hotel booking for a short term.


Many international students go to study abroad and also to cover their monthly living and tuition expenses, they often look for part-time job opportunities. In terms of that also, USAL assists students in applying online for part-time jobs, and makes resumes, cover letters, and profiles for them, so that our students can apply instantly and can find jobs easily.


Many students get tensed about how they will cross the immigration successfully. So to clear all fears and confusion away, the USAL team groom all the students on how they can talk confidently with immigration officers at the port of entry and exit.