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Hello pupils! I am Md. Ariful Alam, Establisher & CEO of Universal Study Agency. For the last 16 years, I have been actively serving to fulfill the dream of going abroad of our students. Depending on the current state of our sub-continent, I would firmly like to say that students from South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia should pursue higher education abroad and, upon finishing their studies, return to their respective countries and start contributing to the development. 

From the past to the present, in my country, I’ve seen many graduates with elite scores and creative skill sets still struggle and thus couldn’t become successful in their lives. This is why, I encourage those creative people to go abroad and make more strong personality by gaining a foreign degree. For many years, I have been working for them to become a higher degree achiever from abroad which will make them exceptional assets, and eventually, assets like these will build the core economic infrastructure of a country.

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I am Md. Ariful Alam, Establisher and CEO of Universal Study Agency Ltd. Despite this being based in Dhaka, students from all divisions of Bangladesh come to our office and we work with them online and offline. Being one of the most senior student consultancies, many acclaimed universities formed a trustworthy alliance with us as we’re working for multiple destinations. As a result, we provide all sorts of assistance according to the needs of students. So by not sitting around and becoming confused, you can apply via online application (Apply Here). We are here to care about your career….

Md. Ariful Alam

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